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At Bravo Funding Solutions, we try and make the loan process as simple and straightforward for you. In order to make your application as stress free and quick as possible all our loans follow the same basic process. However, there may be slight differences between them in terms of the information required (for example) depending on the loan type required.

Once you have completed our simple online contact inquiry form one of our expert consultants will be in touch to discuss your requirements and the options available to you. After you have had a chat with a consultant you are in a better position to decide whether you want to go ahead and make an application with us.

Your specialist finance consultant will be able to explain what information and documentation that will be required in order to process your loan. There is no obligation to continue with a loan process after the initial discussion if you do not feel it is appropriate for you.

In many cases we can provide a quotation or number of quotations without it having any impact on your credit score. Any information you provide will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used to source quotations or process your application. You will not be getting related sales calls or communications from any other companies.

You should receive your quotations quickly after your inquiry usually with 48 hours or so unless further information is required by us. The essential Letter of Intent or Conditional Offer documentation is an essential first step to securing the loan you require. If it an offer in principle for the loan you are looking for and the faster, you can provide the requested documentation the quicker you can receive your Letter of Intent and or Term Sheet.

If you have been successful, this far the underwriting process begins where most of the documentation required to complete your loan is gathered and checked with a view to full assessing your application. Your Bravo Funding Solutions consultant will support you with how to obtain all the documentation required to complete your application. Although of course they cannot do this for you but with their knowledge and expertise the process will be completed smoothly.

It is essential that you respond as quickly as possible to requests from your dedicated consultant to ensure the application proceeds quickly. All loan offers have an expiration date on them to ensure that lending decisions are made on up to date and accurate information. We are here to help you should you have any questions or difficulties and we always want to make sure that you are taking out finance that is best for your individual circumstances.

Our aim at Bravo Funding Solutions is to complete your loan application within 45 days of starting the process. Of course, we can only achieve this if you are able to respond quickly to our requests and ask for our help when you need it. If you have any questions at any time before, during or after the process we are available to answer them for you.

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